Eximbank Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia (BEI) – exp 2011

The Role and Scope of Business of INDONESIA EXIMBANK (IEB):

Indonesia Eximbank is a special institution (sui generis) which is not adhere to the laws and regulations on banking, State Owned Enterprise, financing institution or financing company, and insurance business.

The role of Indonesia Eximbank is to support national export programs through National Export Financing.

The scope of work of the Indonesia Eximbank in facilitating National Export Financing extends from financing to guarantee and insurance. Indonesia Eximbank can provide its National Export Financing under the frameworks of both conventional financing or sharia-based financing.

As a Government agent, Indonesia Eximbank is charged with the responsibility to counseling and consultation services to Banks, Financial Institutions, Exporters, export goods producers, especially micro-scale, small-scale, medium-scale enterprises and cooperatives.

If you’re challenged to join our Institution who believes in the future best opportunities, simply complete the following application form. We will review your resume and if you meet the requirements, we will surely invite you to attend our selection process.

Answer this Challenge, and Grow with Us!

Opportunities available :


IEB is recruiting for the positions below:

  1. Business Legal Officer
  2. Credit Guarantee Analyst
  3. Compliance Officer
  4. Corporate Relationship Manager
  5. IT & Supporting Auditor
  6. Jasa Konsultasi
  7. Makassar Branch Relationship Manager
  8. Medan Branch Relationship Manager
  9. Organization, Product
  10. Risk Analyst
  11. Surabaya Assistant Branch Manager
  12. Surabaya Branch Relationship Manager
  13. Training Officer
  14. Underwriter / Insurance Analyst
  15. Relationship Manager for Corporate Banking
  16. Relationship Manager for Credit Guarantee
  17. Relationship Manager for Credit Restructuring
  18. Relationship Manager for Sharia Banking
  19. Relationship Manager for Small Medium Enterprise
  20. Risk Analyst
  21. Secretary

For Apply online, click link below :


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